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everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler

The David Morning Herald

The pages of the early edition can be previewed online by the links below.

The initial print run was small, in order to-

  1. make the print deadline before David’s birthday, and
  2. quality check the photos

There will be a “late edition”, so please let me know of any corrections or late mail. (I’m already aware that I am missing some bylines! I suspect you’ll be able to guess the authorship in most cases!)

This “late edition” will have a larger print run and contributers will be sent a copy.


  • Page 1
    • Front page
    • Articles by Bernard, Anne, Jason & Gieta
  • Page 2
    • Local news
    • Articles by Peta, Maureen, Rohan.
    • Articles inspired Clare & Alex
  • Page 3
    • World news
    • Articles by Evan, Maureen, Graham & grandkids
  • Page 4
    • Travel
    • Articles by Jim, Debbie
  • Page 5
    • Arts
    • Articles by Carmel, Vena, Graham, Kerrie & Quinn
  • Page 6
    • Puzzles, Opinion & Classifieds
    • Articles by Eileen, Evan, Suzanne, Gieta & Rohan
  • Page 7
    • More sport
    • Articles by Paul, Rohan & Anne
  • Page 8
    • Sport
    • Articles by Rohan & Evan